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Project Narrative
El Paso County has over 500,000 residents. 2002 census data indicate a Hispanic community of 58,000 (11% of the population).  Of these, 31,000 speak Spanish in their homes and 15,000 indicated that they speak English “less than very well”.

Latino-Hispanic immigrants have well-documented health needs, including a high incidence of diabetes, hypertension, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, and stress-related emotional difficulties. 

The incidence of Type II Diabetes is double for Latinos compared with the general Caucasian population and mortality from diabetes is twice as high. Unfortunately, this is also a community which has difficulties accessing care through existing, traditional venues which are not well adapted to their linguistic and cultural background. 

The result is a population who often cannot access routine health care, are subject to detrimental delays in treating health problems, and often receive substandard care even when they access “the system.” 

According to the 2002 survey of parishioners (representing 391 individuals) at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, around 83% had difficulty accessing health care.  Nearly 25% of the respondents felt they needed health care in the last year but did not know how to access it. 

Panoramic view of the Colorado Springs City
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